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How Creative Entrepreneurs Are Beating the Recession


Necessity really is the mother of invention. While the recession continues to batter small businesses, some wily entrepreneurs are using unconventional strategies to hold their own.

They’re finding creative ways to tighten their belts, do more with less and drum up unexpected sales. And because I facilitate peer advisory groups -- where small-business owners meet to share ideas and experiences -- I’m lucky enough to learn what some of them are up to.

I’m also happy to share the buzz with you. Perhaps you can use some of these ideas in your business, or let them inspire you to brainstorm some new moves of your own:

Let’s make a (New) Deal. One of the upsides of a soft economy is that everyone is hungry for business. That makes it the perfect time to renegotiate terms with vendors. For example, one entrepreneur I know crafted this unusual announcement, which he mailed to all of his suppliers: Read the full article at Phoenix Business

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