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[EXCITING NEWS] We are getting a makeover - and so much more!

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

In 2010, TradeAuthority moved PartnersOne into the 21st century of banking with the introduction of QuikTrade. PartnersOne members no longer had to whip out the paper checks to make purchases. We were all finally free to put away the abacus and calculator to try and figure out what fees were due. The shame of scribbling out a trade check in front of clients and friends was quickly replaced with the pride and panache of paying with your new debit card. QuikTrade has performed better than anyone could have ever expected. Over a million transactions have been successfully processed in 8 years. Unlike most major software, QuikTrade has functioned in its original form and fashion, until now!

In 2018, QuikTrade is getting a makeover and an upgrade! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce MOXEY. In the coming months you will recognize some changes to the system. The changes are designed to enhance the user experience, upgrade safety and security, prepare the system for a robust expansion, and unify the currency across the country.

MOXEY will increase your ease of use. We have carefully cleaned up the presentation of the information you need to access and slapped on a new coat of paint to freshen up the place. 

MOXEY is undergoing rigorous security checks. Your data is important to us and we want to provide absolute assurance that your money, I mean your MOXEY, is safe.

MOXEY  not only provides a common user experience for all of the current exchanges in our network, but is ready to process transactions for all of the new exchanges set to open in the near future.

MOXEY will be quickly and easily recognized by business owners, sales associates, waiters, bartenders, and service professionals anywhere. Shopping with trade will be seamless at home and when you are visiting other cities.

The banks manage your money, 

PartnersOne manages your MOXEY!

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