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  • Are there tax advantages to trading?
    Trade income is the same as cash income for tax purposes. There are no inherent tax advantages. Trading should be considered a marketing tool, not a tax tool. As with cash income, trade purchases that are business related are tax deductible.
  • How does Moxey Memphis profit?
    While there are no charges to the seller, there is a standard cash transaction fee of 10% charged to the buyer for each trade transaction. This fee is necessary to maintain the operating costs of the Exchange. This fee is automatically deducted from your CRA (cash reserve account).
  • Why a commission fee?
    Moxey Memphis, like all other businesses, requires cash to provide the services our members enjoy. Our operating costs are paid from your small commission fee. The new customers and cash flow savings that you enjoy, return to you between 4 and 9 times your costs!
  • Who should I use trade?
    Just about any business with surplus capacity or inventory can benefit from our association. Trade works particularly well during periods of weak cash flow. Trading allows them to use excess capacity to fund the purchase of goods and services they need to operate their business such as printing, signs or advertising.
  • I already trade on my own; why should I join Moxey Memphis?
    You should expand the advantages that trade offers. One-to-one trading limits you to spend with only one business. With Moxey Memphis, you are able to spend your trade with any other trading member of the exchange, not just the one you sold to!
  • Can I Control How Much I Trade?
    Every company has a different trade tolerance level. Our Members retain ultimate control over how much they trade by utilizing “standby” status. This alerts the members that you are currently not accepting Trade Dollars. Members on “standby” are denoted as such on the Member Listing.
  • What If I Don’t Have Enough In My Account?
    Our organization is much like a bank or credit union. Check with our office to see if you qualify for an Interest-Free Credit Line . Arrangements can sometimes be made to facilitate purchases in advance of anticipated receipts.
  • What Percentage of my Business Should Be Done In Trade?
    Many experts recommend that trading be kept to no more than 10% – 15% of total business receipts. However, some industries can absorb as much as 30% of their volume in Trade without seriously affecting their cash flow. Speak with a Moxey Memphis Broker or your CPA to determine what levels are healthy for your business.
  • How will other members find out about me?
    One of our jobs is to promote your business to other members. Moxey Memphis will promote your goods or services to other members via our email flashes, membership directory, mailing lists and direct telephone contact, and in face-to-face meetings with our members.
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