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  • How Does Community Fee Work
    As a general rule, Moxey members should try to balance their buying and selling within a 90-day time frame or “window” as we often refer. The longer the time that excess currency sits beyond this “window”, the more harmful to the Moxey economy. So We have Developed a Community Fee to take the place of the current renewal fee. Members who operate within this “window” or have a negative Moxey balance, have no Moxey Community Fees at all. Most of the members fall into this category and have no monthly fee, but if your account is beyond the window, this fee is applied. We look at your Moxey balance and determine through formula, which portion of your balance is in the 90-day window, which is 91-365 days old, which is 1-3 years old, and which is over 3 years old. This fee charges a 0.5% fee on Moxey dollars 91-365 days old, 1.5% on Moxey dollars 1-3 years old, and 4.5% on Moxey dollars over 3 years old. If there is any fee to be applied, the minimum fee is $1. The Moxey Community Fee is entirely waived for those reaching their “Spending Target” for the month. Your “Spending Target” is basically equal to your average monthly sales plus 10% of any remaining balance and can be viewed when signed-in to the Moxey Mobile App or
  • What is FlashCash
    FlashCash is Moxey dollars that exist in your account for a short period of time, following your referral of another Moxey member. The amount of FlashCash you receive depends on which work field the new member falls under. The list of Gold, Silver, and Bronze members is under our FlashCash page on the Moxey website.
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