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You can earn lucrative Moxey Flash Cash bonuses and help grow your community by referring local businesses you love.

To participate help us add new members with businesses belonging to the following tiers:


New members in these categories earn up to $1,500 in Moxey Flash Cash. Anyone referring new members in these categories earn up to $750 Moxey Flash Cash.

  • Plumber

  • Contractor

  • Pharmacy

  • Optical/Eyewear

  • GP – Family Care – Internal Medicine

  • Orthodontics - Dentist

  • Paper Goods

  • Refrigeration Services

  • Carpenter/Woodwork

  • Restaurant – Mexican – Tex/Mex


New members in these categories earn up to $1,000 in Moxey Flash Cash. Anyone referring new members in these categories earn up to $500 Moxey Flash Cash.

  • Janitorial

  • Painter

  • Auto Mechanic

  • Hood Cleaning

  • Laundry/Linen

  • Retail Jewelry

  • Auto Parts

  • Bookkeeping

  • Retail Clothing

  • Restaurant Supply


New members in these categories earn up to $500 in Moxey Flash Cash. Anyone referring new members in these categories earn up to $250 Moxey Flash Cash.

  • Nursery/Garden Center

  • Dry Cleaners

  • Landscaping

  • Tree Service

  • Auto Detailing

  • Vehicle Wrap

  • Retail Furniture

  • Inflatables

  • Parking lot Striping

  • Glass Repair

How to Make a Great Moxey Referral and Earn Moxey Flash Cash

  • CHOOSE amazing local businesses. Select business that you and other members will love to spend Moxey with.

  • SHARE your Moxey experience. Tell the owner of the business about the benefits you've received from your Moxey membership.

  • SHOW them the Moxey app or website. Demonstrate that Moxey makes it fast to find members to do business with and is as easy to use as cash.

  • CONNECT your referral with your Executive Director. Once your referral expresses interest in joining Moxey, contact Melody Thomas at (901) 493-8951 and set up a meeting to introduce your referral and begin the application process.


See program terms and conditions and Moxey Flash Cash rules below.

Flash Cash Bonus Program

Have a great referral?  Please enter your information and the referral's information here or call your Executive Director, Melody Thomas, at (901)493-8951 with your referral information. 

Tell Us About Yourself:

Thank You!

FLASH CASH RULES - (subject to change)

  • Deliberate Action: For the purposes of the FlashCash Bonuses, a referral is defined as an active and deliberate action taken by the referrer to introduce and connect the Moxey Executive Director or staff to the referred prospect. The ideal connection would include the referred showing the referral the Moxey App, sharing features and benefits of Moxey, sharing a testimonial of what Moxey has done for the referred, and setting up a meeting with the Executive Director.

  • Hot List Referrals: Both the referrer and the referred will be paid according to the published hot list and the accompanying level (Gold, Silver, and Bronze).

  • FlashCash bonuses are only paid after a membership fee is paid in cash dollars.

    • A Gold referral will pay M$750 for the referrer and M$1,500 to the referred.

    • A Silver referral will pay M$500 for the referrer and M$1000 to the referred.

    • A Bronze referral will pay M$250 for the referrer and M$500 to the referred.

  • Basic Referral: For any referral made to a business type not on the hot list, it will be considered a Basic Referral.  This is paid to the referrer only.  The amount is M$100.

  • FlachCash bonuses may not be spent to purchase Moxey Gift Cards.

  • All FlashCash bonuses must be spent in 30 days of being awarded.  Any remaining FlashCash in your account after thirty days will expire.

  • FlashCash referral bonuses for a single referral will run simultaneously with other FlashCash bonuses for subsequent referrals.

  • FlashCash referral bonuses should be spent in the same community in which they are awarded. If they are to be spent reciprocally outside of this community, they should be done under the direction and approval of the Executive Director for that community.

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